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considered as safe haven.South Korea's foreign exchange authorities conducted smoothing operations to intervene in the FX market showing panic moves, but it fa▓iled to stop the dollar purchases.The w

on/yen exchange rate was

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quoted at 1,167.88 won per 100 yen as of 1:30 p.m., up 69.05 won fr▓om the previous close due to strong demand for the Japanese yen, regarded as safe haven currency amo▓ng traders.The benchmark KOSPI tum

bled more than 4 percent

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to fall below the 1,900 points, while the tech-savvy KOSDAQ index plunged 7 percent, issuing▓ a side car alert to stop stock tradin▓g for five minutes.South Korea's financial authoritie▓s held an emerge

ncy meeting to discuss cou

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ntermeasures against the highly expected British votes to leave the▓ EU.Attendants at the meeting were vice finance min▓ister, vice chairman of the financial reg▓ulator, vice governor of the central bank and t

he vice▓ chairman of the